spinning mill designhotel linz

- affordable comfort for your business or city trip!


we spin for you!
- the somewhat different
hotel in linz

philosophy "lean luxury"

we travel a lot, like you. and at luxury hotels we asked ourselves: why is it always so cumbersome? and why do you usually pay more than it's worth?

lean luxury is our philosophy.

For us, luxury means uncomplicated comfort instead of formalities. inspiring people instead of expensive facades. soul and character instead of high-gloss surfaces. no expensive prestige addresses, but rather where the real heart of the city beats. only then does it feel right and good to us. rather corners and edges than slippery, rather casual than styled, rather laugh out loud than softly blaspheme, rather casual than stiff. urban individuality, innovative design and dynamic young architecture offer you a “spinning hotel experience” for all your senses.

For us , lean means not having to pay anything that you don't need or want. Simply leave out the unimportant, very consistently. In our hotel we don't need a reception, a continuously open restaurant and no room service. for this we want a casual bar and an uncomplicated restaurant. affordable comfort - inexpensive & cheap!

clever & smart. we don't need a huge room because luxury can also be achieved in a small space. luxury yachts are our role model. But we want everything to have its place and that the most important things work perfectly: be connected, sleep, freshen up. we consistently use the latest information technology where it makes sense. we offer you super-fast wifi - free of charge throughout the hotel. you check your room online yourself and you can choose exactly which one, all online. With smart e technology, there is no longer any annoying queuing at check-in and especially at check-out. you can do all of this from home or on the go.

the public parking garage under the design hotel offers you a comfortable journey with your car. the lift takes you directly to the ground floor of the spinnerei design hotel.

you don't need any more cash. the room is paid for in advance and you can print out your bill according to your wishes. you can pay for the garage easily with your debit or credit card. no annoying searching for change. we are the first cashless and paperless hotel in upper austria.

"We live safe hospitality" compliance with safety and hygiene measures is important to us and also that our employees are regularly tested for the covid-19 virus. For a safe relationship in everyday hotel life - "keep on smiling"!

115 rooms
3 categories
10 apartments

Italian restaurant
"da giulio" with terrace, aperitif bar
and seminar rooms

public garage
direct access to the spinning
hotel on the ground floor

make it your own story

make the most of your stay! feel the high-quality materials in the room, the real wood parquet, the innovative design of the walls and tables. connect to our super fast wifi and let go of all the stress. then you have arrived at the spinnerei designhotel linz.



lean, luxury and lovely

to put it very modestly: we love our rooms. Here you will find everything you need, we have simply left out the unnecessary. Like you, we travel a lot and we know how important a large box-spring bed and a refreshing, spacious shower are - alone, but especially as a couple.



a smart stay

- we are connected

Here you can find out how to book or move into a room
without a telephone / reception and also inexpensive - works.



why spinning?

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the hotel has a long history:

sHON Since 1481 there has been a house at the current location that BECAME an inn from 1580. AMONG CHANGING OWNERS IT WAS THE meeting place in ebelsberg. In 1912 it was converted into a hotel, which unfortunately was completely destroyed in a major fire in 1979. newly built, according to plans by the then very well-known architect perotti, the former owner went bankrupt in 1986.

linz textil ag, founded as a small munich cotton spinning mill since 1838 and is today the oldest still existing industrial company in linz, acquired the hotel AND initially operated it itself. BUT shortly afterwards it leased it to the well-known hotelier helmut lackinger. In 2005 the business was stopped due to inefficiency AND THE HOTEL was a sleeping beauty until 2015.
in august 2015, the then board member dr. dionys lehner to the operators of the hotel am domplatz with the idea of ​​kissing this "princess" awake. after a lot of “spinning” and after a lot of meetings, the decision was made to follow the idea with action. after the owner of the immobile is a spinning mill and it quickly became clear what name the house will have:

spinning design hotel.

together with the team of architects from architekturbüro1 and the two operators, eduard altendorfer and rinaldo bortoli, we have been “spinning” for the coming guests since that time in order to inspire them with a completely new style of hotel business in linz. the district of ebelsberg is also located in the up-and-coming part in the south of linz. this is where the “new” linz will emerge over the next few years with a myriad of new and innovative projects. maybe a cable car will then take guests to the center of the city.

in any case we keep spinning for you ...

our partner hotel : hotel am domplatz - an oasis of calm in the heart of linz
unique, small, personally managed, charming and also the first adult hotel in the region!
the unique central location at the Marian Cathedral, the top equipment and the exclusive design make the 4 * hotel an ideal place to stay for business guests and city or culture travelers.  Reservations under: +43 (0) 732 7733000, info@hotelamdomplatz.at, stifterstraße 4, 4020 linz / austria, www.hotelamdomplatz.at